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If it’s available, we have it or can get it!

McPherson Eye Care has the latest in contact lens technology. The newest contact lens technology is DAILY DISPOSABLES!
Start each day with a fresh, new pair of lenses!
Get the convenience of no solutions, no lens cases, and no hassles!
Be free of the irritants that naturally build-up on lenses over time!
Monthly and two-week replacements are still a great option, as well.
Have ASTIGMATISM or need BIFOCALS? Don’t despair—we have contact lenses for you! In many cases, you can walk out the same day as your examination wearing your new contact lenses!

We’re proud of our contact lens guarantee. Ask how you can “test-drive” contact lenses.

Great Rebates are available for many of the popular contacts lenses making them very affordable!

Stop by with your contact lens prescription and let us help you with your contact lenses.